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You are looking for the best Monster for this summer. The Candy Team has chosen the perfect Monster for you based on your personality and your astrological sign. Summer has finally arrived and with it, its share of sunny adventures and unforgettable moments! So that you can make the most of this summer season, we have concocted a special selection of Monster energy drinks , adapted to each astrological sign.

Whether you are an intrepid Aries, a greedy Taurus, a curious Gemini, a caring Cancer, a charismatic Leo, a methodical Virgo, a balanced Libra, a passionate Scorpio, an enthusiastic Sagittarius, a determined Capricorn, an innovative Aquarius or a dreamy Pisces , we have the perfect Monster for you!

Find out now which drink available on best suits you according to your sign and get ready to experience an exciting summer, full of flavors and boundless energy.

1 - Monster Assault - Aries:

If you're looking for an energy drink that gives you the boost you need this summer, look no further: Monster Assault is for you! This drink is your perfect accomplice to make the most of summer. ☀🌴

With its explosive flavors and unique blend of stimulating ingredients, it gives you the energy you need to conquer any summer adventure that comes your way. As an Aries, you are always looking for thrills and intense emotions, and the Monster Assault will accompany you perfectly in all your summer activities, whether it is hitting the waves at the beach , challenge your friends to a beach volleyball match or conquer new peaks during mountain hikes. So, take a sip of this powerful drink , put your boldness into action and have fun all summer long! 😍

2 - Monster Java Mean Bean - Taurus:

As a Taurus, you are resolute and determined, let me introduce you to the drink that will thrill your taste buds this summer ✨: the Monster Java Mean Bean ! This delicious fusion of bold coffee and vanilla flavors is just perfect for you. As a Taurus, you have a taste for taste pleasures and enriching sensory experiences, and this drink will not disappoint. With every sip you will be transported to new dimensions of pleasure, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the sunny days of summer. 🌻🌊

Whether you're lounging on the beach, exploring new places or spending time with your loved ones, the Monster Java Mean Bean will be your ideal companion to cool you down and give you the energy you need to fully enjoy summer pleasures. So, don't resist this caffeinated temptation and let yourself be carried away on an unforgettable taste adventure all summer long 🤩

Fun Fact: this is the sign of our mascot Candy

3 - Monster Mango Loco - Gemini :

You are a curious and versatile Gemini! You'll love Monster Mango Loco , the drink that will brighten up your summer with a thousand colors! With its exotic blend of flavors of mango and other tropical fruits, this sparkling drink offers you an explosion of deliciousness that perfectly matches your adventurous spirit. 🥭🍉🍌

As a Gemini, you're always looking for new things and different sensations, and Mango Loco will surprise you with every sip. Whether you're meeting new people, discovering unexplored places or embarking on creative projects, this energy drink will give you the boost you need to stay dynamic all summer long.

So, if you are a passionate Gemini, don't miss this opportunity to spice up your summer with the Monster Mango Loco and let it take you on an exhilarating and refreshing sensory journey! 🏖✈

4 - Monster Ultra Paradise - Cancer:

It's Cancer's turn! You are sensitive and caring! Let me introduce you to the drink that will become your ally this summer: Monster Ultra Paradise ! With its refreshing blend of tropical flavors like pineapple and kiwi, this summer drink is made for you. 🍍🥝

As a Cancer, you are someone who values ​​relaxation and harmony, and the Ultra Paradise will be like a fresh breeze in your life. It will allow you to recharge your batteries after a busy day and escape to heavenly beaches, even if you are stuck in the city. 😍

Perfect for hot days, this light drink will accompany you during your moments of relaxation by the pool or during gentle evenings with friends. So let the Monster Ultra Paradise transport you to a world of exquisite flavors and summer calm throughout this sunny season! ✨☀

5 - Monster Ultra Gold - Leo:

As a Leo you are charismatic and daring! 👑 You'll love Monster Ultra Gold , the drink that will make your summer shine! With its refreshing and sparkling taste, this summer drink is your best ally to give you the energy you need to conquer all the challenges that come your way.

As a Leo, you are a born leader, always looking for success and shining moments. The Ultra Gold will give you the boost you need to shine in the summer sun, whether during your sporting adventures or when going out with your friends. ☀🌴

As this drink is light in calories, it will allow you to keep your figure as a king or queen of the jungle, while quenching your thirst in style. So, brave Lion, let the Monster Ultra Gold light up your summer and propel you towards unforgettable days filled with victories and epic moments! 🤩

6 - Monster Ultra Rosa - Virgo:

Like all caring and methodical Virgos! Let me introduce you to Monster Ultra Rosa , the drink that will perfectly match your lifestyle this summer. With its subtle fusion of fruity and floral flavors, this light drink is your best ally for maintaining constant energy throughout the summer season. 🌸🌺💗

As a Virgo, you are a practical person and you appreciate simplicity in everything you do. The Ultra Rosa will give you the dose of freshness you need to stay focused on your projects and activities, while quenching your thirst with elegance. Whether you spend your summer outdoors, exploring new horizons or organizing pleasant moments with friends, this drink will provide you with the essential energy to successfully complete your projects.

The Monster Ultra Rosa will accompany you through a well-orchestrated summer season filled with simple pleasures, while keeping you refreshed and in shape! 😊✨

7 - Monster Lewis Hamilton - Libra:

As a Libra you are charismatic and balanced! ⚖ Let me introduce you to Monster Lewis Hamilton , the drink that will add a touch of power and style to your summer.

This special edition pays tribute to the famous Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton, and is your perfect companion for summer days filled with thrills and discoveries. 😋 As a Libra, you appreciate harmony and beauty in everything you do, and this energy drink gives you the perfect balance of intense flavors and refreshment. Whether you're embarking on new adventures, hosting parties with friends, or simply relaxing in the sun, the Monster Lewis Hamilton gives you the energy and inspiration to live every moment of summer with passion and elegance. So, life's tightrope walker, let yourself be seduced by this special edition and embark on an exciting summer season alongside the Monster Lewis Hamilton ! 🔥🥰

8 - Monster Chinese Tea - Scorpio:

You are a mysterious and passionate Scorpio! So here is Monster Chinese Tea , the drink that will add a touch of exoticism and power to your summer. 🐉☀

This special edition offers a captivating blend of Chinese tea flavors, perfectly suited to your intense and curious side. As a Scorpio, you like to immerse yourself in the unknown and explore new cultures, and this energy drink will allow you to travel to distant lands without leaving your favorite place. 🌊🌍

Whether to support you in your ambitious summer plans or to give you a boost before a fiery evening, Monster Chinese Tea gives you the energy you need to shine all summer long. So, Scorpio eager for discoveries, let yourself be enchanted by this special edition and go on an adventure under the summer sun with Monster Chinese Tea as your travel companion! 😍

@candymixfrance Monster Chinese Tea available on #monster ♬ original sound - CandyMix🍭

9 - Monster Rehab Peach - Sagittarius:

If you are Sagittarius, I found the perfect Monster Energy for you! Fall for Monster Rehab Peach , the drink that will refresh you and give you the energy you need to experience a summer full of discoveries and excitement. ✈🏖

This deliciously fruity drink combines the taste of peach with a refreshing blend of revitalizing ingredients.😍🍑 As a Sagittarius, you crave freedom and adventure, and Monster Rehab Peach will give you the perfect boost to get going to conquer new horizons this summer.

Whether during your travels, your outdoor escapades or your meetings with new people, this drink will accompany you with enthusiasm and vitality. As an intrepid Sagittarius, let yourself be transported to unforgettable summer experiences with Monster Rehab Peach to support you every step of your summer journey! 🌞🌈

10 - Monster Juice Khaotic - Capricorn:

As a Capricorn, you are ambitious and determined! Let me introduce you to Monster Juice Khaotic , the drink that will give you the energy you need to successfully complete your summer plans. 💪😋

This energy drink is an exotic blend of fruit flavors that will take you on a journey to sunny, faraway places without leaving home. As a Capricorn, you are known for your perseverance and sense of duty, and Monster Juice Khaotic will be your ally in staying on track all summer long. ☀🌊

Whether you're working on your professional goals, organizing outdoor activities with your loved ones or looking to surpass yourself in your hobbies, this drink will give you the boost you need to take on whatever challenges come your way. So, determined Capricorn, let Khaotic Monster Juice be your fuel to reach new heights this summer and experience memorable moments that will remain engraved in your heart! ✨💗

11 - Monster Java Irish Blend - Aquarius:

For you, innovative and curious Aquarius, the Monster Java Irish Blend will be ideal for this summer. 🌴🔥

It's the drink that will awaken your creative spirit and give you the energy to experience a summer full of innovative ideas. This delicious fusion of coffee and Irish cream flavors is perfect for you, because it reflects your unique and original personality. As an Aquarius, you like to explore new possibilities and seek out different experiences, and Monster Java Irish Blend will awaken your spirit of adventure.

Whether you're delving into new passions, hosting creative get-togethers with friends, or simply relaxing and gazing at the stars, this drink will give you the energy to enjoy every inspiring moment of summer. So, creative Aquarius, let yourself be inspired by the Monster Java Irish Blend ! 🥰🌞

12 - Monster Aussie Lemonade - Fish:

We end this ranking of the best Monsters of the summer with sensitive and dreamy Pisces! Let me introduce you to Monster Aussie Lemonade , the drink that will transport you to a true summer paradise. 🌊🐠 With its refreshing blend of Australian lemonade flavors, this summer drink is your perfect companion to fully enjoy summer.🏝💙

As a Pisces, you are known for your imaginative and emotional nature, and the Monster Aussie Lemonade will offer you a taste escape to sunny and exotic lands.

Whether you're relaxing in the shade of a tree, letting yourself be carried away by your daydreams by the water's edge, or letting yourself be inspired by the shimmering colors of the sunset, this drink will give you the sweet energy you need. you need to experience magical and soothing moments this summer. So, dreamy Pisces, let Monster Aussie Lemonade be your escape drink, and go discover all the wonders that summer has to offer! 😋☀

We have the best Monster for you this summer ! These energy drinks specially selected for each astrological sign will give you the energy and inspiration necessary to experience an unforgettable summer.

So, choose Monster Assault for its boldness, Monster Java Mean Bean for its intense taste, Monster Ultra Paradise for its refreshing side, Monster Lewis Hamilton for its style, Monster Chinese Tea for its exoticism, Monster Juice. Khaotic for its balance or the Monster Aussie Lemonade for its soothing side, get ready to experience extraordinary moments with the best Monster that suits you perfectly. Enjoy summer to the fullest with the best Monster by your side! 🤩🔥

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