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Freeze Dried Candy

Les Freeze Dried Candy

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Hello my little Candy!

After long months of waiting and several weeks of testing, that's it, the freeze-dried candies are finally available on ! 😍

Discover our assortment of freeze dried candies . For the first time in France, I am happy to be able to introduce you to these products at CandyMix !

This trend comes straight from the United States and until today, it was not possible to obtain freeze dried candy in France! I really wanted to taste and share this discovery with you, so I decided to invest in a great machine straight from the United States and to put on my chemist's coat in order to give you the opportunity to try these products with their amazing texture .

If you want to discover a new crunchy, crunchy and airy candy texture and new flavors, you absolutely have to try this new range of candies! 😊


I/ Freeze-dried candies , what are they? 🚀

Astronaut candies or freeze -dried candies are candies from which most of the water they contain has been removed by a freeze-drying process , then sealed in an airtight case. They do not require refrigeration.

The flavor of astronaut candy is increased tenfold after the freeze-drying process. The size and texture of the candy will also be changed, that's the fun part!

But, what is freeze-drying for ?

To put it simply, freeze drying will remove all the moisture from the product. This increases the shelf life of food. These will be consumable for 25 years, but I'm sure you will have devoured your favorite freeze-dried candy long before then.😋

Freeze dried products do not require refrigeration, which is why astronauts take them on their rockets!

All foods can be freeze-dried. The fruits that you find in certain cereals are freeze-dried, for example. It is also possible to freeze-dry lots of super tasty snacks! Like cookies, candy bars and also ice cream (yes, yes)! For the moment, we only offer freeze-dried candies , but over time, I hope to be able to expand the range and discover new and stylish textures!

Penguins before and after going through the freeze-drying machine


II/ How do freeze dried candy work?🤔

To freeze-dry the candies , we place them in a specialized machine coming directly from the United States.

The food is cooled to a temperature between -50 and -80 degrees Celsius.🥶Then the food is dried by applying two heat cycles and then the moisture is sucked out. At the end of the process, the water content of the food is very low. While heat-dehydrated foods are soft, freeze-dried foods break down and melt in your mouth!

Once freeze-dried, the candies are directly placed in a hermetically sealed bag, in order to preserve their texture and prevent them from retaining moisture. Make sure to always zip your resealable bag securely when tasting so that they retain their crunchy texture.

Because I am always transparent with you, my candy, the machine does not have a large capacity, it has a very high cost and the process lasts several hours, we then have to have them analyzed in a specialized laboratory, in order to calculate the nutritional values ​​of the freeze-dried product , this is why the candies have a higher price than the bulk candies that you can find on the site.

Moreover, regarding the nutritional values, they do not change much. They were even taken to the specialized laboratory to check the results. The nutritional values ​​differ by at least 5% only. 😊

Freeze dried candy - Milk cows

Milk cows in the freeze-drying machine

III / What to expect? 😋

By biting into a freeze dried candy , you will discover a totally astonishing new texture! Some become super crunchy (like Mimi the Mouse ), others have an airy texture ( Twins ), triple in volume (Ursula the octopus), or have a crunchy texture that squeaks in the mouth ( marshmallow mix )

I love freeze dried candies because you never know how they will turn out! It's a total surprise, some react better than others, and it's always so fun to discover their freeze-dried texture . 😍

If you are an apprentice astronaut and/or a candyaddict, I am sure that you will like this new taste discovery! Quickly discover our selection of freeze-dried candies. 🚀

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Je vois dernièrement des vidéos qui recommandent les freeze dried M&M’s. Apparement ils sont super «  crunchy » et « chocolaty ».
Pourriez-vous s’il vous plaît faire les freeze dried m&m’s pour qu’on puisse les tester?
Merci beaucoup


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