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Essential back-to-school sweets and snacks

Les bonbons et snacks indispensables de la rentrée

Candy Mix |

Essential back-to-school sweets and snacks

Are you getting ready for back to school? 📚 Are you looking for the products you need to have a great year? Like you, CandyMix is ​​preparing for back to school. And yes ! Back to school is here, with its share of excitement and perhaps a bit of nervousness. To help you approach this period with a smile, there's nothing like preparing a list of little pleasures . 🎒 And what's better than candy and snacks to give you a boost during this busy time? Here is a list of must-have delights that will get you through the back-to-school season smoothly.

Energy Boosters:

Between new schedules and meeting up with friends, you'll need energy! To gain strength during recess I recommend biscuits and cookies . These easy-to-go snacks will delight your taste buds before you return to concentrating in class.

Here are my Top 3 best cakes for back to school 🍪🍰 :

Comforting Treats:

Moments of relaxation are just as important. What's better thancomforting candy to add a touch of sweetness to your day? Choose gummies or sour candies that you can enjoy with your friends and in moderation. When preparing your back-to-school survival kit, don't forget to include a carefully chosen selection of candy. You can create your own candy mix on CandyMix and choose the quantity you like.

Chocolates :

The days can sometimes seem long, but there's nothing better than a gourmet break to get you back on track. Chocolates 🍩🍫, whether milk, dark or white, are a delectable option to reward you after a job well done. They are also perfect for relieving stress and keeping a smile on your face.

My essential selection of drinks for a successful return to school:

The Capri-Sun is an essential classic for back to school:

This little juice pouch is not only convenient to carry, but also provides an instant dose of freshness and hydration. With a variety of delicious flavors like passion fruit, orange or apple, Capri-Sun allows you to quench your thirst while stocking up on vitamins. Its easy-to-open format will allow you to quickly refresh yourself between classes or during breaks.

Arizona for iced tea fans:

Arizona drinks , with their iconic bottle designs, are another fantastic option to add to your back-to-school drinks list. Their range of iced teas and fruit drinks allows you to choose according to your preferences. Whether you opt for green tea , peach tea or one of the many other flavors, these drinks are not only refreshing, but they also bring an exquisite dose of flavor to your downtime.

Candy's advice for a successful return to school:

  • Organization : Prepare your bag the day before, check your schedule and anticipate your needs to avoid stress in the morning.
  • Sleep : Make sure you get enough sleep. Good sleep is essential to staying focused and in a good mood.
  • Time management : Plan your tasks and use time management techniques to avoid procrastination.
  • Physical activity : Incorporate physical activity into your schedule. This will help you relax and stay in shape.
  • Socialization : Be open to meeting new people and don't hesitate to start a conversation. Back to school is a great opportunity to make new friends.

            So there you have it, with this selection of essential candies and snacks , as well as tips for a great start to the school year, you are ready to face this new school year with confidence and determination. Don't forget to savor every moment and give yourself the means to shine. Happy back to school!

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