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Kawaii candy

Les bonbons Kawai CandyMIx


A few days ago, I presented to you the top 10 of the best American candies , today we change continents and we are interested in kawaii candy ! If you are a fan of Japanese pop culture , you've probably already heard of these delicious sweets that combine deliciousness and cuteness. In this article, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about kawaii candies, from their origin to their taste and their design. 😻

What is kawaii candy?

Kawaii candies are sweets of Japanese origin which stand out for their cute and colorful appearance. Kawaii means cute in Japanese, and this is reflected in the design of the candies: they are often shaped like animals, fruits or cartoon characters. Kawaii candies are very popular in Japan , but they are increasingly popular in the rest of the world.

What is the origin of kawaii candy?

THE kawaii candy originated in the 1970s in Japan, where they quickly became very popular. They were created to meet the demand for sweets that were both delicious and cute , which appealed to both children and adults. Kawaii candies have since become a real institution in Japan, where they can be found in many specialized stores and you can also find in our Asian grocery store online.

What are the different types of kawaii candy?

There are many types of kawaii candy, each with its own characteristics in terms of taste and design. Here are some of the most popular types:

  • The gummies : these are soft, translucent candies in the shape of animals, fruits or characters. Gummies are often strawberry, orange, or grape flavored. Like the grape fettuccine , ultra soft and tangy gummies.
  • Hard candies : these hard, sweet candies are often shaped like balls or hearts, and are sometimes filled with chewing gum or a sweet liquid.
  • The Pockys : these are biscuits coated with chocolate or caramel, which exist in many flavors. Their packaging is often very cute, like the box of Pocky Banana Pudding .
  • The Kit Kats : Japanese Kit Kats are very different from those found in the rest of the world. They come in many flavors, such as green tea, sweet potato or sake. Some tastes may be surprising, such as Kit Kat Matcha green tea , but it’s worth trying!

Japanese Caramel Kit Kat

How to choose kawaii candies?

If you wish taste kawaii candies , there are some criteria to take into account to choose the best:

  • Design : opt for candies with original and cute designs, which will make you want to devour them.
  • The taste : choose flavors that you like, based on your personal tastes. Kawaii candies come in many flavors, from the most classic to the most original.
  • The quality : favors quality candies, made with natural ingredients and good flavors.

In summary, kawaii candies are Japanese sweets very popular, which combine cute design and delicious taste. If you're a fan of Japanese pop culture, you won't be able to resist their charm!

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