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Sweets from your childhood: 90s special

Les bonbons de ton enfance : spécial années 90

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Do you want to rediscover the sweets of your childhood and were you born in the 90s? Wondering where you can find your childhood candy ? It's okay, everyone has memories of favorite candies from their childhood. Discover the 5 iconic candies that really marked this decade. 🥰

Hubba Bubba : The star of the playground?

Among the many popular candies of this era, Hubba Bubba was certainly one of the most iconic. He was the star of the playgrounds. Hubba Bubba are chewing gums which were introduced in the 90s in France and which quickly won the hearts of children and adolescents. I'll explain to you how they won the hearts of children.

The Hubba Bubba for all tastes?

Hubba Bubba were famous for their many original flavors , which were very popular with children. Some of the most popular flavors included strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, watermelon and many more. Some even dabbled in blending flavors to create unique new flavor combinations. Maybe that was your case!

Hubba Bubba: The stretchiest chewing gum?

Finally, hubba bubba chewing gum was a must-have in the 90s thanks to its incredibly elastic texture. The children loved seeing it stretch to impressive lengths, creating real bubblegum bubbles . You must have had bubble-blowing competitions and ended up sticking bubbles in your hair. 🤣
My Must have 🥰: Obviously I remain attached to hubba bubba tutti frutti which for me is the most iconic perfume. You can find it on
Photo Hubba Bubba Tutti Frutti

PEZ : The collectible childhood candy?

In the playground, for snacks or during a sleepover, if you were born in the 90s you definitely know these candies. And yes ! Their history dates back to the 1920s, but it was in the 1990s that PEZs were most popular in France.

The success of Pez figurines

PEZs are original candies that are recognizable at first glance. They come in the form of rectangular dispensers made of colored plastic, with an embossed head representing characters from cartoons, films or comic books. It was thanks to these dispensers that PEZs became iconic during the 90s. Children wanted to get their favorite character and even collect them.

Retro flavors for young and old

PEZ candies come in awide variety of flavors , including classics like mint and fruit, as well as special editions with seasonal flavors or tied to popular character licenses. Today, PEZs continue to be appreciated for their fun and nostalgic side. These retro candies are available in new licenses to appeal to young and old.

    The foot lollipop: The lollipop of the 90s

    There foot lollipop is a symbol of the 90s and surely reminds you of your youth. Supermarket shelves were filled with delicious, colorful sweets that delighted children of the time. ☀

    Why are foot pacifiers popular?

    Today, Foot Lollipops remain a nostalgic memory for those who grew up in the 90s. They recall a time when candy was not only delicious, but also fun and creative. With a foot lollipop, you plunge back into the world of hits parades and school memories.

    Where to find foot pacifiers today?

    Foot lollipops gradually disappeared from supermarket shelves in the 2000s, but they remain an indelible memory for those who were lucky enough to discover them in their childhood. If today, you are looking to rediscover these childhood flavors or you are looking for retro candies to offer, you can find all the candies from the 90s on

    Mammoth Ball: The Challenge of the 90s

    Mammoth balls , also called “ mammoth balls ,” are one of the most memorable candies of this era. With their impressive size and unique taste, these candies were a staple of your childhood.😍

    A giant candy that marked your childhood

    One of the main reasons Jawbreaker mammoth balls have appealed to children is their impressive size. Eating a candy that size was a real challenge. The children could savor the different layers of sugar and the different flavors that were gradually revealed.

    A candy that lasts a long time

    Mammoth balls are also known for their impressive lifespan. Unlike other candies that can be eaten quickly, Jawbreakers are designed to last a long time. Children are captivated by the challenge of eating candy that may take time to dissolve or chew. The fact of being able to keep a candy for an extended period of time and savor it little by little appealed to the 90s generation .

    A look back at Frizzy Pazzy: the cult candies of the 90s

    Frizzy Pazzys are popular candies that captured the hearts of children in the 90s and continue to be loved today. These effervescent , colorful and tangy candies have won over young people thanks to their unique taste and fun appearance.

    Why did Frizzy Pazzy leave their mark on an entire generation?

    Frizzy Pazzys offer a unique sensory experience. These candies come in the form of a colored powder, with a crunchy texture that bursts in the mouth, releasing a mixture of tangy and sweet flavors. Their effervescent effect on the tongue creates a tingling sensation, which makes them delicious to eat for children looking for new taste sensations. These childhood sweets will awaken your taste buds and your childhood memories.✨

    Candies that still sparkle in our memories

    Frizzy Pazzys have won over children thanks to their tangy taste, their effervescent texture, their colorful appearance and their addictive side. Even though these candies had their heyday in the 90s, they are still very popular today among young people. These retro candies are sparkling with memories and nostalgia. If you want to rediscover this feeling, also discover Pop Rocks

    At Candymix , we're proud to bring you a selection of 90s candies, including Jelly Bellys, Chupa Chups, and Warheads. Whether you want to relive childhood memories or discover iconic treats from that era, we've got you covered.

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